Kew Tower

SFS NVELOPE® NV4 secures Kew Tower in Richmond


A refurbished office building in Richmond has received an 'Excellent' BREEAM environmental rating, following a project which includes NVELOPE® NV4 support systems behind approximately 600m2 of aluminium and Tectiva cladding.

The £5m project at Kew Tower is an initiative of the Low Carbon Workplace, a unique joint venture between: The Carbon Trust, Stanhope PLC and Threadneedle Property Investment Ltd. The existing office building has been extensively refurbished, both inside and out, producing a high quality, low carbon construction. The upper floors of the building were re-clad, delivering an aesthetically appealing, sustainable design. The Kew Tower offices are now leading in environmental performance, as evidenced by their BREEAM rating.


The NVELOPE® NV4 system was installed behind the new cladding by leading building envelope contractor, Paneltec Services. "The NV4 product is versatile and quick and easy to install," says Neal Clark of Paneltec Services, "But what we were most impressed about, was the project builder. This is a reliable and time-saving resource – making for a very fast turnaround indeed. This type of service is what makes us keen to work with NVELOPE® again." Project Builder involves a straightforward, two-step process and results in a comprehensive, project-specific cladding solution.

Manufactured from aluminium alloys, the NV4 system is ideally suited to vertical cladding applications. Rainscreen panels are hung from and secured to the horizontal profiles with adjustable hangers. Brackets allow further adjustment between the face of the primary support to the outer face of the vertical profile, providing important flexibility in the cladding. When under strain from various weather conditions, including strong winds, the cladding is thus able to expand and contract.

All NVELOPE® cladding systems can be engineered to project specific requirements thanks to the expertise of its technical design support service.

Project highlights

Low Carbon Workplace

Hale Brown Architects

Paneltec Services

Richmond, London


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