The Modern Methods of Construction Journey

A bold title, The MMC Journey, but it is the reality.

Written by Andrew Stolworthy, Director of Product and Market Development in SFS Group Fastening Technology Ltd.

For many years some within the construction sector have recognised the need for change, to modernise, increase productivity and create a better built environment. There are a vast array of excellent papers in the market documenting where the challenges are and pointing to solutions. Earlier engagement of the supply chain, whole life cost approach, the use of digital, addressing the labour and skills shortage to name a few but the demand continues to drive for traditional methods; until recently.

There feels like real change is coming, the Construction Sector Deal launched in 2018, not only outlined the requirements for increasing digital and offsite manufacturing technologies, investment in training and the improvement in contractual practices but importantly committed to £170m investment through the Transforming Construction Programme. With this investment from the Government comes a real opportunity for not only change but dare we say a commitment for those Government departments to procure using the modern methods they have invested in creating; this is key to success.

SFS have always focused on innovation, developing our products to add value as a solution, we consider how this value benefits not only at the point of construction but through the life cycle of the building. It's therefore natural for us to have taken a small, but active role in this transformation, but like any change it doesn't come without its challenges for everyone involved. It's this journey to understand and adapt to Modern Methods of Construction that we will attempt to explore through this blog.

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