Wing Drill Screws SC5 & SC6

Quick and ergonomic fastening of wooden boards to supporting steel structures

The new, optimised SC5 and SC6 wing drill screws now do their job even better by fastening wood-based boards to steel substructures in one step. Thanks to the new underhead geometry the screws can be inserted into the wood-based boards, uniform and flush, without damaging the surface coating. Setting tools and professional ratchet handles offer installers on-site support in their work on projects.

Features & Benefits

•  Fast - Efficient connection of wood with steel substructure in one step
•  Safe - Design parameters based on National Technical Approval (Z-14.4-872)
•  Ergonomic - Comfortable to use thanks to coordinated setting system
•  Complete - Coordinated fastening system with the set system, technical service including application support and building control approval
More than just a fastener
Technical service and application support
Setting tools and accessories

Intelligent Design

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