Item No. 1319527
Self drilling fastener, Mushroom head, T25, Durocoat®
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Self drilling fastener, Mushroom head,
T25, Durocoat®


Length [mm] 60
Sana Description Package For fastening insulation and membrane over hard deck. Also for fastening Sika Trocal discs over insulation to steel and timber decks.<div id="SectionFeatures"><ul> <li>Countersunk head. Ideal for fixing membrane coated metal or membrane coated Sika Trocal disks.</li> <li>Fast &amp; easy installation due to optimised drill bit.</li> <li>High pull-out values with asymmetric fastener thread.</li> <li>High quality corrosion protection,environmently friendly, free of Chronium VI.</li> </ul></div><div id="SectionApplication1"><p><strong>Steel Deck</strong></p> <p>Substrate Quality: S280-S420GD<br />min. Substrate Thickness: 0.6 mm<br />Setting Depth (SD): min. 20 mm<br />max. Substrate Thickness: 2x1.25 mm or 1x2.0 mm<br />Fastener Length (L): KL + min. 20 mm</p> <p><strong>Timber Deck</strong></p> <p>Setting Depth (SD): min. 30 mm<br />min. Substrate Thickness: 18 mm<br />Fastener Length (L): KL + min. 30 mm</p></div><div id="SectionApplication2"></div><div id="SectionApplication3"></div><div id="SectionApplication4"></div><div id="SectionApplication5"></div><div id="SectionApprovals"><ul> <li>CE (ETA-08/0262)</li> </ul></div>
Corrosion Protection Durocoat®
Corrosion Resistance 15 cycles Kesternich according to:<br />- EAD 030351-00-0402, A2.4<br />- FM Approval Standard 4470
Diameter (Fastener) [mm] 4.8
Fastener Drive T25
Clamping Length (CL) [mm] 40
Recess Code T25