Item No. 1503584
tfix = 10/25 mm Countersunk = 24 mm / T50 carbon steel Concrete screw
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tfix = 10/25 mm
Countersunk = 24 mm / T50
carbon steel
Concrete screw


Length [mm] 100
Sana Description Package Fastening of metal plates, profiles, brackets onto concrete<br/> Fastening of metal decks, liner trays onto concrete<br/> Fastening of timber battens onto concrete<div id="SectionFeatures"><ul> <li>Self tapping fastener suitable for installation onto concrete</li> <li>Easy settable even in case of worn drills</li> <li>More flexibility given by two embedment depths</li> <li>Settable by means of power-tools and immediately loadbearing</li> <li>Seismic approved from diameter 10 mm</li> <li>Highest demands and economical fixations given by reduced clearance hole displacements</li> <li>Faster setting due to toothed functional tip</li> <li>Multiple use in temporary fixations from diameter 10 mm</li> <li>Small spacing and edge distances thanks to no spreading effect</li> </ul></div><div id="SectionApplication1"><p><strong>Fastener Ø 7.5</strong><br />Pre-drill Ø: 6.0<br />Embedment Depth: 33/55<br />Seismic Approved: No</p> <p><strong>Fastener Ø 10.0</strong><br />Pre-drill Ø: 8.0<br />Embedment Depth: 50/65<br />Seismic Approved: Yes</p> <p><strong>Fastener Ø 12.0</strong><br />Pre-drill Ø: 10.0<br />Embedment Depth: 75/90<br />Seismic Approved: Yes</p></div><div id="SectionApplication2"></div><div id="SectionApplication3"></div><div id="SectionApplication4"></div><div id="SectionApplication5"></div><div id="SectionApprovals"></div>
Corrosion Protection Durocoat 480
Diameter (Fastener) [mm] 12
Fastener Drive T50
Pre-Drill Diameter [mm] 10.0
Product Type Fixation autotaraudeuse