Building Envelope Specifications

For Designers, Engineers & Architects

Holistic solutions for the unique demands of specifiers

As a leading manufacturer of systems and products across the entire building envelope, SFS has a dedicated Specification Team, covering the UK & Ireland. The team is on hand to support Designers, Engineers & Architects with assistance and advice on the correct specification of our products and the applications they are required for.

Our Specification team ensure that important specification issues such as static and thermal calculations, corrosion risk, air tightness and meaningful warranties are fully addressed and that projects meet building regulations and avoid costly rectifications.

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We provide our specification assistance on areas including:

  • Rainscreen Subframe Systems
  • Fire Cavity Barriers
  • Fall Protection Systems
  • Fixings for Roofing & Cladding
  • RIBA Accredited CPD's
  • NBS Clauses

Solutions for Designers, Engineers & Architects

We offer RIBA-accredited CPD seminars to help architects understand the various solutions available in the market and our key products are listed within NBS Plus. We can offer structured BIM product data to our customers and specifiers and advise on NBS clauses to help architects specify sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions, ensuring the right product is used every time. 

Digital Resources

As a designer, engineer or architect, it may be difficult to find all of the design resources you need in one central location. In order to help you, we have these tools all available through SFS’ ConnectSuite®, an online portal that hosts smart tools and apps like product selectors and visualisers to streamline specification and design processes – making the transition to digital integration as seamless as possible. 

Refurbishment Market Solutions

As a leader in our industry and team of construction experts at hand we are here to help building developers, construction companies and building owners to implement sustainable construction and refurbishment strategies.

    Refurbishing existing buildings

    By applying thermal solutions, is one of the most cost-effective methods to reduce energy consumption. Studies show that thermal insulation has the best cost-abatement profile to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With the adequate systems and a correct specification, you can play a role in every deep energy refurbishment. Find out more about our Thermal Solutions offering by clicking below.

    SFS Talks | Overcoming The Recladding Conundrum

    The recladding of a building is increasingly about having to overcome the thermal performance and available space conundrum

  • Thermal Performance vs Space
  • Materials
  • Aluminium vs Stainless Steel
  • The Right Tools

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NVELOPE Project Builder / Thermal Builder Calculations

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