Sustainability & Ethics

As a responsible business, we’re concerned with securing the future of our planet.

That means working greener, and working smarter. We’re a partner you can rely on to deliver the right solutions, right first time, that are guaranteed to perform – helping you minimise waste and build faster, more efficiently and with reduced impact on the environment.

Thermal-boosting solutions in the building façade

Construction projects are subject to rigorous testing to gauge efficiency and performance. SFS systems are designed to help you meet their sustainable standards. Take airtightness testing, for example. Our fasteners maximise airtightness at sealing points, with many powder coated to minimise corrosion over time

All of which helps improve the thermal performance of your building, with a measurable impact on U-value ratings, while minimising the long-term need for repair and replacement – and the long-term environmental impact of your building.

Project Builder: Digital specification to help you build better

Sustainable working requires a high degree of precision throughout the build process. It needs smart thinking, a long-term view, and speedier, more streamlined processes. Project Builder is here to help you achieve this. A powerful digital calculation and specification tool, it helps your teams choose the best systems and solutions for your project, quicker and easier than ever before, cutting your costs and reducing your project’s environmental impact.

Get started with Project Builder.

An ethical outlook for a secure future

For colleagues and customers, we’re an ethical, responsible partner, helping you achieve your environmental commitments, and working openly and honestly with you at all times. Thanks to this, we streamline relationships throughout the supply chain, helping everyone work faster, smarter and greener. That’s how we’re playing our part not only in securing futures for buildings, people and businesses, but in securing the future of our world.