Join us and help drive the success of our team and company to shape the future of construction

Help shape our future

Our employees are and will remain the driving force behind our company. We welcome people with enthusiasm who are committed to continuous improvement whilst striving to succeed. In return, we offer training to assist you with your future development. Our strategies are closely bound to our employees. This has created a partnership that is characterised by values that are important to us:
  • Enthusiasm and positive attitude
  • Trust and reliability
  • Teamwork
  • Honestly and respect
  • Experience and expertise
  • Entrepreneurship and individual responsibility
  • Continuous improvement and further training
Because of this partnership our employees are proud of their place of employment and believe that the we will continue to be successful together in the future. We share the company vision and work hard towards achieving success and reaping the rewards which working for a market-leading company brings.

Employee Benefits

At SFS we belief in rewarding our employees for their hard work and commitment. If you choose to join our team, we will offer you career prospects and opportunities for continued development. As an SFS employee, not only will you be part of an international company, but you will also find yourself working in an exciting environment where sights are set firmly on the future. 

We offer a range of employee benefits including:
  • Competitive salaries, benchmarked against our competitors
  • Profit-sharing
  • Competitive holidays
  • Healthcare scheme
  • Support for education and further training
  • Company pension scheme
  • Childcare tax benefits
  • Free parking
  • International environment with the possibility to travel

Working for SFS

Here at SFS, we really care about people. We offer good training opportunities as we believe that by training and developing our staff, we are strengthening our commitment and service levels we offer to our valued customers.
Create real customer benefits, with great know-how, maximum customer focus and the readiness to rethink things from the ground up - that has been our motivation since 1928. What began as a small hardware store, is today an international global enterprise with locations in 80 countries. You, too, can accompany us on our way to the future. Find out more about SFS here.
The SFS Group is an internally operating company, with more than 80 sales and production locations in 26 countries in Europe, North America and Asia. We employ around 9,500 people worldwide.

Our Mission Statement

Fair and dedicated for mutual success - this motto not only describes the relationship to our customers and suppliers, but also our internal missions statement. With unique know-how and high service availability, we want to be the preferred partner of our customers. In order to attain this goal, we require above average employees that are qualified, dedicated and have integrity - which can only be ensured with appreciation, community and fairness.

We embrace equality in the workplace. We firmly believe in good training opportunities and continue to develop our staff to strengthen our commitment and service levels to our valued customers.

Our employees are the driving force for a successful and dynamically growing company. If you believe you have what it takes to join the UK team of a global company, with turnover exceeding £1 billion per year, and shape the future landscape of the construction industry, we want to hear from you.

Take a look at our current job vacancies.

Our People

Caitlin Constable – Marketing Executive
  • 15 Months as Digital Marketing Apprentice
  • 2 Months as Marketing Executive
"SFS helped me develop my skills and confidence through my marketing apprenticeship. My favourite part of work is the people and creating content such as Whitepapers."
Luke Wood – QES Manager
  • 13 Years at SFS
"I've always known SFS. I like the culture of the business, and I appreciate the many opportunities I have had so far, and still see many opportunities in the future. I think the business is in the best position it has ever been."
Louise Wheatley – Material Planner
  • 22 Years at SFS
"I have seen many changes throughout this company over many years but feel the most comfortable in my employment at this point in time."

Securing Futures

Tracing our history in the UK back to 1891, we began life as a specialist in fixings and fasteners. But over the years, we've grown to encompass a world of other products and services that construction relies on to continually build better.

Today, however, we're looking forward to the future. A future of secure buildings and businesses, people and planet. As building envelope specialists that you've always been able to count on, there's better yet to come. A more secure future for all.