Fall Protection PPE

SFS offers project specific Personal Protective Equipment set in-line with each individual requirement

When working at heights, there are specific Personal Protection Equipment available to protect workers against falls from a height. When describing fall protection PPE we distinguish the following components:
SFS Horizontal Line System Attachment Device
CE0321 EN795:1996 Class B

  • Attach anywhere on line
  • Fully traversable
  • CE marked
  • Stainless Steel
  • Simple and easy to use
Safety Harness
  • Front and rear attachment points
  • Top and bottom colour distinction
  • Fully adjustable
  • Quick and simple alloy steel coupling buckles
  • 50mm wide webbing
  • Easy to fit and comfortable to wear
Restraint Lanyards
  • Single or Twin Leg
  • Standard length single leg 1.85m including karabiners
  • Other lengths to order
Fall Arrest Rope Lanyard
A fall arrest rope lanyard complete with a highly efficient tear web energy absorber, that in the event of a fall, will reduce forces on the body to well below the 6kN required by the European Standard. It is used to connect the user’s safety harness to an approved anchor point.

  • Integral energy absorber
  • Single or twin Leg
  • Standard length single leg 1.8m
  • Standard length twin leg 1.5m
Adjustable Rope and Rope Grab
  • Safety lines made up from LSK 11mm rope fitted with sewn eyes.
  • Standard lengths available: 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m and 30m.
  • Other lengths also available.
  • Rope grabs for use with 11mm.
  • Manufactured from high strength Aluminium (BS EN 567) for use in conjunction with LSK rope.
  • Automatic Rope Grab which follows the user as the ascend / descend the safety line.

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