isofast System

isofast is a fully metallic system consisting of special fasteners and stress plates for fastening membranes and insulation to a range of substrates

Features & Benefits
  • A treadfast combination of fasteners and stress plates
  • Efficient, secure and ergonomic installation with the IF240 setting tool
  • Excellent, environmentally-friendly corrosion resistance with Chrome VI-free Durocoat coating
  • Also available in austenitic stainless steel
isofast setting tools
The automated setting tool IF240 enables rapid and reliable installation of isofast fasteners and stress plates. The controlled setting process in an upright working position ensures fatigue-free and correct fixing of each and every fastener. The speed and security of fixing is considerably higher than with conventional methods.

The stand-up setting tool IF80 can be used as well. It also allows an upright working position and the correct installation of every fastener.

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