isotak® BS-4,8

The SFS isotak fastening system was launched more than ten years ago for attachment of waterproof membrane and insulation reducing thermal bridging in flat roof decks and cold storage construction applications.

An important component of the overall system is the BS-4,8 self drilling fastener for use with steel decks. This has now been subjected to a comprehensive re-design which has resulted in significant improvements to its main product features.
Features & Benefits
  • Simple and economic solution for increased insulation thickness
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Reduced energy loss due to the plastic sleeve
  • The BS-4,8 fastener has an optimised thread geometry offering great technical values when used in steel, timber, plywood and OSB3 decks
  • Extensive laboratory testing has proven that the surface coating of the BS-4,8 product provides excellent corrosion resistance
  • Ideal for thin steel decks
Ergonomic, intelligent fixing with the automated IT260
The automated IT260 enables upright working during fastener and sleeve installation. The pre-assembled fasteners are fed automatically and thereby providing a controlled installation process resulting in fast quality installation with complete repeatability.

The stand-up setting tool IT19 can be used as well. It also allows an upright working position and the correct installation of every fastener.

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