The superior open state cavity fire barrier for ventilated cavities up to 450mm which provides additional protection for larger air gaps up to 44mm

Utilises an high performance intumescent seal fixed to a high density mineral wool backer which offers extended performance over and above CFB 6. It is mechanically fixed and orientated horizontally.
NVELOPE Fire Cavity Barrier Survey


  • Up to 90 minutes Integrity and Insulation Fire Rating 
  • Maximum 44mm air-gap
  • Up to 450mm cavities
  • Simple installation
  • Durability and Age tested


The product is extensively tested and SFS will have access to a range of test certificates tested to and in accordance with the principles of:
BS EN 1363-1 :2020 - Fire Resistance Tests - General Requirements
ASFP* TGD 019 - Fire resistance test for ‘open-state‘ cavity barriers used in the external envelope or fabric of buildings

Safety at the forefront

Passive cavity fire barriers are an accepted method to support the achievement of fire safety requirements. These functional requirements are defined within UK Building Regulations and further practical guidance is described within ADB. Strategies to remediate at risk buildings are latterly considering passive fire control, including cavity fire breaks, in addition to the façade panel and insulation.

Cavities in the construction of a building provide a ready route for the spread of smoke and flame, which can present a greater danger as any spread is concealed.

Fixings for Cavity Fire Barriers

For Barrier Brackets
For Direct Fix


NVELOPE Fire Cavity Barrier Survey

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