NV10 system

NV10 is the NVELOPE® system is suitable for off-site / factory fixed application of face fixed or concealed fixed plank panelling

NV10 is the NVELOPE system is suitable for off-site / factory fixed application of face fixed or concealed fixed plank panelling. As with all of the NVELOPE systems NV10 begins with NV1; 60 X 40 L profile running vertically, fixed into the helping hand bracket with an SR2 screw. We have helping hand brackets that are available for any substrate. The NV3 rail is then secured horizontally to the L profile, ready to receive the NV3 hangers.


Façade panels are fixed to the NV10 vertical rail (standard 3m lengths, can be cut to size before delivery or on site), using either of the following three methods; face fixed with a rivet, structurally bonded using Sika adhesive and tape or a secret mechanical fixing using a Keil anchor through the NV10 vertical rail. As the panels are secured to a hanging system separately from the support frame; this system lends itself to off-site or factory application. This is beneficial if using the Sika adhesive as this form of application is weather dependant.

For secret mechanical fixing, access holes need to be drilled into the back of the NV10 rail for the Keil anchors.

NV3 hangers are secured to the back of the vertical NV10 rail, this can be done off-site. The NV3 hangers, hang onto the horizontal NV3 rail on-site. The range of adjustment within the helping hand bracket allows for level and adjustment between the substrate and the support system; while the adjustment screw on the top hangers are designed to allows for final alignment and adjustment.

The NV10 system can also be used to create sizeable (to suit site conditions) façade panels from plank format cladding. Individual planks are fitted in panel form and any width of plank can be catered for. The number of anchors and hangers are adjusted to suit wind speeds and weight of the built up panel.

The NV10 system is composed of standard off the shelf components resulting in rapid delivery and these components are quick and easy to install.

  • NVELOPE 'T' and 'L' profiles are fixed using NVELOPE support brackets, fixed through a series of fixed and flexible points.
  • NVELOPE bracket spacing is determined by cladding options such as the dimensions and weight of the façade cladding, local wind loads.
  • NVELOPE fixed point brackets absorb both vertical dead loads.
  • NVELOPE flexible point brackets absorb both wind loading and allow for expansion and contraction.

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