SXP Range – SXP2, SXP5 & SXP14

Fastening of single ply insulated roof panels.

Introducing the innovative new range of single ply membrane fasteners, available in three variants and featuring a unique, self-coring washer design. With a choice of two head drives and drilling capacities you can have full confidence in securing single ply insulated roof panels with the SXP range.

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Engineered for Integrity and Approved for Performance

Available in stainless steel, with a torx and the new introduced hex drive, all three variants have free spin zones which prevent over-driving - and also avoids the fastener being loosened through vibration or thermal movement. Crucially, however, the carefully engineered spiral beneath each fastener’s washer cuts a clear pathway through the insulation layer to avoid any unnecessary damage and help maintain the thermal integrity of the panel.

The SXP range is further supported by having secured an EPD while the SXP5 and SXP14 carry FM approval.

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