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Flat Roofing Whitepaper

Mechanical fixings for tapered insulation on flat roofs – Why is adjustability key to a fast, efficient and reliable solution?

Despite its name, a flat roof is rarely flat. Without effective drainage or, worse, if backfalls occur, a roof can suffer from ponding. Ponding adds a dead load to the roof structure, which is unlikely to have been accounted for in structural calculations and may also increase stress in the waterproofing layer. Find out more today...

Fenestration Whitepaper

The benefits of correct window positioning in low- and high-rise facades and how to get it right.

Windows have a unique role in the fabric of a building. They must provide the same shelter and security as the surrounding wall construction while also admitting daylight and allowing occupants a view to the outside.

This necessary transparency means it is impossible to manufacture a window with a U-value as low as the facade build-up. And yet windows must also play their part in a building’s overall energy efficiency, helping to comply with the requirements of building regulations and other standards. Download the complete Whitepaper today to find out more!

Rainscreen Subframe Whitepaper

Sustainability in aluminium rainscreen subframe solutions.

The United Nations (UN) Brundtland Commission  defined sustainable development as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

The definition comes from a 1987 report called Our Common Future (which is often simply called ‘the Brundtland Report’), and it acknowledges that genuine, long-term sustainability requires an integrated approach to both environmental concerns and economic development.

Nearly forty years later, the Commission’s words become starker and more relevant with each passing year, thanks to the growing role of the climate crisis in all our lives. Download the complete whitepaper today to find out more.

Thermal Performance Whitepaper

The effects of subframe systems on the overall thermal performance of external rainscreen walls.

Explore the Thermal Performance Whitepaper by SFS to discover innovative solutions for reducing heat loss in building projects. Learn about the crucial role of thermal performance in combating climate change, as well as the impact of rainscreen subframe systems on overall efficiency.

Download the whitepaper to gain insights into accurate U-Value calculations and the role of optimally designed subframe systems in energy conservation. Don't miss the chance to learn how SFS' NVELOPE® system contributes to greener, more sustainable building projects.

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Fall Protection Whitepaper

Fragile roof design trends and the impact on specifying fall protection systems.

A roof serves many more functions than simply providing shelter to building occupants. Although creating a safe and comfortable building for occupants is the first priority, the range of functions and uses to which a roof can be used has increased. Meaning the design criteria for roofs have also become more complex.

To learn more on the inherent need to balance different performance demands, of the various roof designs before considering what fall protection systems are used and how they are incorporated into roof build-ups download our Fall Protection Whitepaper today.

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Rainscreen Subframe Whitepaper

The effects of thicker insulations on rainscreen subframe systems.

Building envelope specification is in a state of flux. Multiple areas of legislation and regulation are under seemingly constant review, and it's a situation that isn't going to change in the immediate future. There is a fundamental need to address the issue of performance gaps.

How do we ensure that the thermal and fire performance of buildings intended at design stage is realised in the completed building? Download the full Rainscreen Whitepaper today to find out more.

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