Designing the correct roof safety system

This RIBA accredited CPD has been developed to provide an understanding of the safest way to work on a roofs. Predominantly focusing on horizontal safety line systems it reviews the CDM regulation changes of 2015. It demonstrates how manufacturers of work restraint systems can assist Principal Designers to help design, install and warrant the correct system for each roof build up and substrate.

Key topics include:

  • Roof Safety – Why is there a requirement? Where does it sit with legislation?
  • Who has the Design Responsibility? Where does the responsibility from a designers perspective lie, when referring to the changes to CDM in 2015.
  • Line & Post systems – a brief history. Why use them in your design? On what roof systems can you use them?
  • Arrest or Restraint? Whats the difference? What should be the design default?
  • Consider the Building – What needs to be considered on your building before designing a horizontal line system?
  • Design & Service Support – What should manufacturers offer to assist in designing the correct horizontal line system?
  • System Warranties – The importance of warranties & what should be offered.