BSA Fastening System

Adjustable, telescopic sleeve fastening system for tapered insulation on profiled steel decks

One combination: For various application thicknesses

The increased use of tapered insulation systems on flat roofing projects combined with thicker insulation due to changes in building regulations brings a definite need to reduce installer complexity when mechanically installing insulation and membrane layers.

The new innovative and unique BSA fastening system builds on existing fastener technology and offers a self-drilling adjustable fastener to provide the installer with a simple and cost effective solution for tapered insulation on steel decks.

The BSA fastening system can be used for seam or field fastening membrane applications, with a maximum setting depth of only 20mm, below the substrate.

For a SAFE roof installation

The telescopic nature of the fastening system allows the sleeve to move vertically and freely when increased  loads are applied, and returns to its original position once the load has been removed.

Minimum Penetration
Only 20mm deck crown penetration with every fastener.

Adjustability & Simplicity
Up to 85mm of adjustability with each fastener results in fewer product combinations. Easier procurement and reduced installation time.
System Flexibility
The BSA fastening system can be used for insulation attachment and also for membrane attachment with either traditional seam or field fastening applications.

Installer Friendly
Offers a fast and simplified installation process. Saves time, saves cost.

BSA Fastening System Whitepaper

Mechanical fixings for tapered insulation on flat roofs – Why is adjustability key to a fast, efficient and reliable solution?

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