Tightlapper® - One solution for the entire building envelope

Before this range, there were lots of solutions available to installers causing confusion and complexity to the market. The new Tightlapper® range simplifies and provides a more efficient range for installers.

SFS AV-Shaped® Washers - Providing a larger clamping range

The new AV-Shaped® sealing washer is extremely flexible and fully waterproof. Thanks to its geometry and high-quality Ultra Soft EPDM, it covers a huge application area.

On a façade, you will often find different fasteners installed right next to each other. The reason for this is that the clamping ranges are limited, so different fasteners have to be used. The new AV-Shaped® washer increases the clamping range of the fastener, meaning the same fastener can be used for different applications. This enables the design of your building envelope to be uniform and attractive.

The AV-Shaped® sealing washer also compensates for building tolerances whilst remaining 100% waterproof. In addition, the Spin-Free zone and Cut Off thread end, also means security against vibrations and thermal expansion. 

Large Clamping Range for Every Application
Compensation of Construction Tolerances

The Tightlapper® Range - The right drill tip for every application


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Using pierce-point technology the CXLW-4,8 provides a quick and swarf free installation with no scratches on painted metal surfaces thanks to the sharp FastTip®. The Panhead (D10) variant, with an A11 washer, is perfect for flashing details. Variants within the range are available in both mill and painted versions. The CXLW-4,8 is included in our ETA - 10/0198 approval and is approved for the fixture of both metal and timber substrates. 
The drill point of the SXL2-6,3 provides enhanced drilling capabilities making it ideal for the installation of multiple overlapping profiles, including ridge and capping details. The variants cover a large clamping length, ranging from 0.8 to 6.5mm and variants are available in a range of RAL colours, including Poppyred (RAL2002). The SXL2-6,3 is included in our ETA - 10/0198 approval.