NVELOPE® Optimised Cutting Service

Reduce waste, install quicker and smarter all around.

The optimised cutting service is now part of our hugely successful NVELOPE offering. This new service will speed up installation on site, save time and money as well as minimising waste; it’s overall the smarter way to operate.
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Taking the information from the NVELOPE overlay service, your requirements are optimised, selecting the most economical profile lengths to satisfy your order. Our high-tech process continues using state-of-the-art cutting machinery to ensure the profiles are precision cut to the length required. The service covers all NVELOPE profile types and can usually be turned around from initial order to delivery on site within 10 working days.

Key Benefits

  •  Optimised material outlay. Providing predictable cost. 
  • No offcuts to dispose of on site. Dramatically reducing waste. 
  • Staged deliveries available at request. For a leaner construction process. 
  • On site health and safety. No cutting on site, reducing the chance of accidents. 
  • Optimised installation. Quicker installation due to product delivered pre-cut to size, ready for installation. 
  • Minimise noise from site. Benefit for construction in densely populated areas. 

Smarter All Around 

  • Begin with Project Builder. The information thread starts here, we use this data through the process minimising duplication. 
  • Overlay service. Using the approved output from the overlay service, rail usage is optimised. 
  • Increased productivity. With the site team not wasting time finding and cutting rails they can focus on installation. 

NVELOPE Overlay Service

NVELOPE can produce specific bracket and rail overlays for your project, so that the system is safe, economic and effective. Overlays help reduce bracket and rail costs by correctly positioning the brackets on your façade, calculated via our online Project Builder this also enables us to optimise the rail lengths to reduce waste of profiles. We can then produce lists of fixings and accessories on completion of the overlay drawing.
NVELOPE Project Builder / Thermal Builder Calculations

Getting into the detail

Enhancing the information from Project Builder, the Overlay Service correctly positions the brackets on the façade, taking into account openings and high wind load areas.

• Safe and effective layout
• An economical solution
• Options to detail fasteners and accessories
• Opportunity to take advantage of the Optimised Cutting Service

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